Something that doesn’t get mentioned enough when creating websites is:
Internet readers rarely read.

They scan. We are efficient on the internet, and dismiss information we don’t need in favour of quickly finding what we do.

With this in mind, we write content that helps people scan in an intuitive way. We can write or edit the copy to inform or promote your product or service- in a concise and appealing manner to your intended audience.

And so, we always use these three rules when writing content for the internet.

Three content rules

Make it concise

Make it scan-able

Make it oObjective

This works.

Make it concise

People don’t want to be overwhelmed with unnecessary information.

The audience doesn’t want to have to cognitively filter through the text on your website; it’s a burden that the online reader does not have time for.

It’s the content writer’s job to be informed and conscientious in choosing how to present your message. We want the information to be found quickly and efficiently. By using succinct text written in an objective manner, we can provide the right kind of writing for the medium.

Make it scan-able

We have mere seconds to prove to the audience that we can do this before they leave the landing page and look at competitors. The right writing presented in a pleasing manner will lead the visitor to the information that they are seeking.

We do this in a couple ways, working with the website designer, we design for the content.

  • We make use of font size, and changing the text colour.
  • Utilize white space around areas of text.
  • Use clusters to limit information to one idea per paragraph, starting with conclusion in the first sentence.
  • Use bullet lists.
  • Highlighted keywords.
  • Have links at the end of the paragraph.

Make it objective

Business owner’s sometimes think they need to persuade their audience if they are not face to face with them. In fact, this is the kind of thing that gets scanned over.

People don’t want promotional language.
To choose clarity over cleverness means we cut out unnecessary hyperbole, sales talk and fancy punctuation that the reader will skip over anyway. We write with style, we optimize our writing, AND, we keep it readable.

What about SEO?

“Improve Website Content with editing and search engine optimization (SEO)…,” promises the majority of web designers.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of presenting information in a way that people are looking for it. We build the business’s message by utilizing Internet Marketing and Research, to find and harness the power of keywords with organic SEO writing that performs and drives relevant traffic to your site.

We thoughtfully generate appropriate keywords that encompasses what needs to be communicated- that answers who you are and why someone would look for your business.

If there isn’t a clear mission to your website Google will not be able to direct interested people to it. Putting information up without purpose is not effective. Creating the right tone for your website is priceless.

The plan for content writing:

  • Market Consultation
  • Check or Generate Keywords- depending on the business, find the appropriate keywords or keyword grouping
  • Create tone and be consistent
  • Create outline of how we will present the information, create our call to action
  • Make sure the finished content is CONCISE, SCANNABLE, and OBJECTIVE

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